Blending social work and social media

I graduated with my Bachelor of Social Work and Disability Studies in 2018, and my Master of Social Work in 2019 from the University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada. I have been a registered social worker since 2019, and I've worked with various populations in clinical, case management, and community development settings.

Throughout my various work experiences, I capitalized on my creative nature to add value to the organizations that I worked and volunteered for. I believe that social media and communications can be a powerful tool for non profit organizations. Through content management I blend my social work skills with my creativity, knack for marketing, outreach, and communication to serve communities.

Why hire a MSW for your communication and content needs?

I believe the needs of non-profits differ from the needs of private companies many marketers are used to working for. Instead of selling a product, you're looking to connect with your service users and raise awareness for your mission. I understand the unique needs of non-profits, and I use my social work skills to connect with audiences, build community, educate, and represent your organization.

- Education: Social workers spend a lot of time educating clients about various topics, and this skillset helps me write engaging posts and blogs that your audience can understand and connect with.

-Evidence-Based Content: Whether discussing mental health or community resources, it's crucial that the information that is being posted on behalf of your agency is accurate and evidence based. As a social worker, I am equipped to research and speak about a range of topics, from mental health to community resources.

-Outreach and connecting with your audience: Social workers are masters at connecting and communicating in a way that is engaging and meets people where they are at. I can change my communication style to reflect the needs of your organization.

-Fundraising: Having spent several years in the non-profit space, I am all too familiar with the funding needs of organizations. With experience in grant writing, I am able to run fundraising campaigns to help you meet your funding goals.

-Seeing the Bigger Picture: Social workers always consider the "bigger picture", or the macro lens as it relates to social justice. Content marketing for non-profit agencies requires more than traditional content marketing best practices. With a MSW I have a fundamental awareness of concepts such as social justice, anti-oppressive practice, trauma informed approaches, and understanding the person in the context of their environment, all of which enables me to develop communications strategies that goes beyond traditional approaches.


I can do the following for your non profit agency. Connect with for quotes and to discuss your goals.

• Social media

• Branding

• Blog writing

• Newsletters

• Website Development

• Strategy and special projects

• Engagement

• Ad campaigns

• Metrics and growth analysis

Check out my portfolio where I have samples of some of my work.

Low cost, big results: Helping your non profit stretch funding further.

As a freelancer, I can provide competitive pricing and still get you the results you are looking for. As a non-profit agency, I know there is almost always a need to make your funding go as far as it can so that you can help as many people as you can.

By hiring me as your Content Manager you can allocate more funding to where you need it most- helping your clients and service users.