Windsor Residence for Young Men (WRYM) supports young men 16-24 years of age as they leave homelessness behind to build new lives. WRYM provides a supportive functional family atmosphere, delivers individual counselling, and teaches basic life skills. WRYM helps homeless young men to integrate into the community and reconnect with extended family or independent living, as well as education and employment. WRYM works with youth to end homelessness.​



An Instagram page was developed as a tool to connect with service users, many of whom may lack access to cell phone providers, but have access to WIFI Services.

The content strategy for WRYM includes featured posts that are helpful for WRYM's clientele, to provide a resource for graduated residents of WRYM as they move into independent living.

Featured posts:

- Monday Motivation: Motivational quotes and hopeful reminders that reflect WRYM's purpose and mission.

- #LifeTipTuesday: Life skills to foster independent living, including: cooking, cleaning, home maintenance, legal rights, and more.

-Community Resources: Relevant resources for young men in the community, including food banks, crisis lines, youth centers and employment programs.

-Success stories: Stories about past graduates of the program to provide hope and spread awareness about the type of work WRYM offers

Results from last quarter:

31% increase in Instagram followers

104% increase in profile views

122% reach increase



Facebook is used primarily to connect with stakeholders, donors, and other community organizations. The goal of this page is to increase awareness and solicit donations through various campaigns that run throughout the year.

Featured posts:

-Donation campaigns: The #InvestinCitizenship campaign runs in June and the Golf tournament in September. WRYM was able to exceed funding goals.

-Awareness: Success stories, statistics, and updates so that community partners and stakeholders can stay informed about what's going on at WRYM.

Results from last quarter:

60% increase in Facebook reach

53% increase in profile visits

57% increase in page likes